People, not pageviews.

People not pageviews

Most analytics tools simply count the number of times a page is loaded — they try to hide the fact there are real people behind your pageviews. GoSquared is different. GoSquared shows you who is on your site and what they're doing.

GoSquared can tie up multiple pageviews, sessions and devices into one unified profile, so you can see clearly how many people are on your site.

Why measure people as well as pageviews? We believe business online should be more personal. By enabling you to see and connect with the people behind the pageviews, you can offer a better, more personalised service to your visitors.

Alice Mrongovius, Marketing Director of Hungry House

Without accurate analytics from GoSquared,
we would be flying blindly with our TV advertising.

Alice Mrongovius, Marketing Director at Hungry House

Engagement measured.

Find out how long your visitors are really online.

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Other tools

Using GoSquared's smart pinging technology, you can accurately check if visitors are browsing, scrolling and actively engaged with your content. As soon as a visitor leaves your site, GoSquared stops counting so you can see exactly how long they were online.

Other analytics tools estimate the time visitors spend online. Other tools hope that your visitors will browse more than one page, and then use the time difference between two pageviews to estimate time on site for all visitors. As you can imagine, these shortcuts lead to other tools reporting wildly inaccurate numbers.

Why does accurate time-on-site measurement matter? Knowing exactly how many visitors you have online at any given moment can impact everything — from server allocation to expected ad revenues. Some of our customers save thousands of dollars a month thanks to the accuracy of GoSquared.

Photo of Gal Brill, CEO of Browsi

I explain to the team it’s not tomorrow, it’s not later, we need to know now how that deploy affects our users. When deploying, we instantly see the impact on global usage with GoSquared.

Gal Brill, CEO of

Super high resolution.

High definition web metrics.

High resolution data on a graph
GoSquared Data Data from other tools

GoSquared provides minute-by-minute data granularity for your key metrics. The hour-level resolution of data provided by other analytics tools can mask significant events such as a traffic spikes, bad code deploys and intermittent server issues.

Why do high resolution metrics matter? Hour-by-hour data means you're missing out on measuring the details. GoSquared provides minute-level resolution on your data so you can spot the spikes and dips that uncover insights you never knew existed.

Alistair Martin, Lead Web Developer at The Creative Assembly

The results were immediate, and we saw that our previous analytics were in some instances over-estimating the number of real-time users by more than 600%.

Alistair Martin, Lead Web Developer at The Creative Assembly

No sampling.

The full picture, always.

Graph to show no sampling in GoSquared Analytics
GoSquared Data Sampled Data Estimated Data

GoSquared tracks every visitor, every pageview and every event. GoSquared will not sample, estimate, or guess how much traffic you receive. Other analytics tools sample data as your traffic grows.

What's so great about unsampled data? Analytics tools that sample your data give you a blurry overview of traffic performance — it's like trying to drive with a steamed up windscreen. Having all your data to hand means you see the full picture — that's why GoSquared never samples your data.

How many people are really
visiting your site?

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