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Marketing sites today are a mess.

Forms, live chat widgets, pop-ups, banners, sticky bars, and more are destroying the visitor experience, and ultimately push leads away.

Assistant is here to help.

A single widget you install on your website for lead capture, live chat, feedback, and more.

Capture leads effortlessly with GoSquared Assistant

Effortlessly capture and qualify leads.

Assistant prompts visitors to drop their email address or start a conversation. GoSquared does the heavy lifting to qualify and prioritise them.

Live chat, but only when it makes sense.

Live chat conversations can be incredibly effective, but become difficult to handle at scale. Offer live chat when you’re ready, and provide alternative routes when you’re not.

GoSquared Live Chat software for your website
Smart Prompts to encourage visitors to convert

Nudge visitors at the optimum moment.

Stop slapping visitors in the face with messages the moment they hit your site. Assistant enables you to display helpful messages when visitors need them, resulting in a higher chance of engagement.

A cleaner, faster, more beautiful website.

Centralise your conversion efforts with Assistant. A faster, cleaner website converts better every time.

Faster and cleaner website with GoSquared
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  • For SaaS
  • For Publishing

Fewer abandoned checkouts.

Engage visitors at the perfect time before they leave without purchasing items in their basket.

Example GoSquared Prompt for ecommerce sites

More qualified leads.

Encourage visitors to begin a conversation, or simply direct them to book a demo when they're ready to learn more.

Example GoSquared Prompt for SaaS sites

More email subscribers.

Engage readers of key stories with a custom "email capture" message to boost subscriber rates.

Example GoSquared Prompt for publishing sites and blogs

Assistant is easy to integrate.

GoSquared effortlessly integrates with your existing tools. View all integrations.

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Assistant gets more powerful every day.

Assistant continuously learns from every visitor to your website, while we're working tirelessly to develop more advanced functionality.

  • Lead capture

    Intelligent lead capture

    Ask visitors to engage at the perfect time, and encourage them to drop their email address when they're ready.

  • Lead qualification

    Automatic lead qualification

    Simply ask for an email address. GoSquared does the hard work to fetch all the information needed to qualify every lead.

  • Live chat

    Beautiful, modern live chat

    Everything you’d expect of a modern live chat tool, and more. Available when you want it, hidden when you don’t.

  • Call-to-action buttons

    Call-to-action nudges

    Push visitors to specific pages, or to download resources without needing to change a line of code.

  • Invisible mode

    Invisible mode

    Hide Assistant on your site so it’ll only show on specific pages, at specific times, or to specific visitors.

  • Open sign

    Open 24 / 7

    Even if you’re sleeping, Assistant is always awake. Set expectations to your visitors and give them help, whatever the time of day or night.

  • Light as a feather

    Light and fast to load

    GoSquared Assistant is one of the lightest snippets you can add to your site – yet it's one of the most powerful and feature-rich.

  • Paint brush

    Fully customisable

    Assistant is easy to set up, but can be tweaked endlessly so it's perfect for your site and your setup.

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