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Your customers aren't numbers…

In a world of data, numbers and metrics, it can be easy to forget the users of your product are real people.

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Real people - users of your product

…they're people. So talk to them.

See the people behind the pageviews and events. GoSquared gives you easy-to-understand information about your users and customers.

“I use GoSquared because it's easy. Easy for me to track the effectiveness of my marketing, easy for me to use data to make decisions, and easy for me to see my users as real people. I don't have time to spend hours poring over data, GoSquared enables me to get back to work making things.”
– Paul Jarvis, founder, Creative Class

Your customers know why they use your product…

…so ask them for feedback. GoSquared enables you to find everyone who’s used a specific feature, and how actively they’ve been using it. This makes it easy to gather relevant feedback on how you can improve.

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Make smarter product decisions faster.

Make data-informed decisions without becoming a data-scientist. GoSquared records every interaction your users make, so you can see how they interact with your product in real-time.

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    Find usability issues.

    See how individual people use your product. Every pageview and event is tracked so you can learn from how users interact with the features you're building.

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    Discover your popular features.

    Easily slice and dice your user data to see who's tried each feature of your product. Which features are popular? You might surprise yourself.

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    Connect with your power users.

    Every user is different. GoSquared's filtering interface makes it easy to find your beginner users, your advanced users, and your hardcore power users.

Hundreds of features to help you build relationships with your users.

Your toolkit for developing a better product based on user feedback. GoSquared gives you all the insights you need to truly understand how your product is being used, and improve it.


    Ask users for feedback at the perfect time

    Gain relevant, timely feedback on your product with fine-grain filtering and segmentation.


    Find your most active users

    Easily perform advanced filtering and segmentation on your userbase in seconds with the Customer Data Hub.

  • See who's using your key features

    Instantly see who's been using each of your features with event tracking in the Customer Data Hub.


    Pick the best time to deploy big updates

    GoSquared Analytics gives you the real-time pulse of your product so you can deploy updates confidently.


    See what users do before they hit errors

    Track application errors to see what users do before (and after!) they hit problems.


    Alert your team to errors in your product

    Don’t be the last to know about traffic spikes and dips on your knowledge base.

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