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See Who's On Your Site
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GoSquared CRM Visitors Online - Real-time visitors and proactive live chat

See who's on your website right now.

View a real-time list of the visitors currently on your website – it's like looking at your shop floor.

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GoSquared Live Chat – proactive live chat with online visitors made simple

Proactively chat with any visitor – instantly.

On average, 96% of website visitors leave without converting – we can change that.

Engaging with the visitors on your site is now as easy as a click. No emails, no calls, just a simple, instant, human conversation.

“GoSquared helps us engage faster than ever with our growing community. We now help people instantly, rather than having to overcome the barriers of forms and emails back-and-forth. We're only a click away from potential customers, right there on our website.”

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Ash Phillips, Yena

Close deals in minutes, not days.

GoSquared enables you to have conversations with customers at scale. Close more deals in less time, and speed up your sales cycle by proactively engaging with live chat on your website.

“Michael at is crushing it this week and it's only Tuesday! He just converted his 5th new customer by leveraging GoSquared and has set 3 meetings with large corporations.”

Close more deals faster with GoSquared CRM + GoSquared Live Chat

See who's on your website today.

Real-time visitor monitoring and live chat for sales.

See Who's On Your Site

Trust GoSquared.

Visitors is a feature of Live Chat, from GoSquared – we build software to grow your business.

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