Introduction to GoSquared

What is GoSquared?

GoSquared is an intelligent software platform that converts website visitors into customers. GoSquared is transforming the way online businesses grow by combining analytics, CRM, live chat, and marketing automation into one powerful and easy-to-use platform.

GoSquared has 3 core features:


Now – real time Analytics

The Now dashboard gives you a real-time overview of what's happening on your website right now.

Everything in Now is changing throughout the day as the number of concurrent visitors on your website fluctuates. The Now dashboard shows you traffic spikes and traffic dips as they happen. It shows you which pages are most popular enabling you to jump on content as it gets attention. It also allows you to see which sources are driving you the most traffic – so you can see if someone influential on Twitter is talking about you, or if your search traffic is suddenly increasing.

Screenshot of GoSquared Now dashboard

Trends – historical Analytics

The Trends dashboard borrows the same fundamental interface as the Now dashboard, so once you know one GoSquared app you know them all.

Trends shows you what's been happening on your site historically, and still updates in real-time so you're never left waiting for data.

Trends is one click analytics – all the high level info you need to understand how your website is performing, and no need for a training manual.

Screenshot of GoSquared Trends

People CRM

People CRM brings all the information about your users and customers together in one place. One-click integrations with all the services you already use (Zapier, MailChimp, Zendesk, Mandrill, Slack, Drip, etc) mean you can stop manually entering and collating data. People CRM enables you and your team to speak with more customers on a more personal level.

Live Chat and Assistant

GoSquared Live Chat is an on-site and in-app live messaging tool. It allows your users to talk to somebody on your team, directly from your website through Assistant. You can reply to your visitors using our web or mobile app.

Live Chat is tightly integrated with People CRM to bring all your customer information and communications together in one place.


Key Terms and Definitions

A quick summary of some of the key terms and metrics you'll find in GoSquared.


While we would love to show you how many people have visited your site, we can't be 100% accurate at showing you this. The closest thing to a "person" that we can define by default is a visitor. A visitor is essentially a specific browser, on a specific operating system, and is remembered with a cookie set on the individual's computer. One visitor can visit the website multiple times and have multiple pageviews.


In Trends, the default metric is visits. A visit is one browsing session by a visitor, and can contain multiple pageviews.

Concurrent Visitor

A visitor is currently online and browsing your site.


For further technical details about the GoSquared tracking code, check out our Integration Documentation.

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