Download the Inbox (Chat) app

GoSquared has native iOS and Android apps for Inbox (Live Chat).

If you want to use your Analytics dashboards on mobile, simply log into your GoSquared account on your mobile browser. The Now and Trends dashboards have been designed to work across screens of any size.

Download the Inbox mobile app

The app will send you notifications when you receive new messages and allow you to quickly reply to chat conversations on the go. Download the Inbox app for mobile, either iOS or Android.  

Analytics on mobile

GoSquared Analytics works well on mobile and tablet browsers, just like on the desktop. If you sign in to your GoSquared account on your mobile device, you'll enjoy the full functionality of GoSquared, as you do on desktop.

Accessing GoSquared on mobile means no matter where you are, you can check in with the pulse of your business – from your high-level real-time traffic levels, to your weekly traffic trends, to your latest signups in People Analytics. Add GoSquared to your mobile home screen so you can always have one touch access to the insights you need.

GoSquared Email Reports are also designed to be beautiful and easy-to-read on mobile.

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