An Introduction to Trends

GoSquared Trends dashboard screenshot

GoSquared Trends is the easiest way to see what's been happening on your website.

Whereas the Now dashboard shows you what's happening right now on your website, Trends shows you what has been happening over the last day, week, or month. While Trends is showing historical data, it still updates in real-time so you never need to wait for your graphs or numbers to update.

What makes Trends great?

Everything you need is just one click away

A key principle of GoSquared Trends is to give you the web metrics you need in real-time, without any complexity. No clicking through a hierarchy of menus – everything is on one screen with no need to read a manual before you can understand your metrics.

With you wherever you go

Trends works on desktop, and on any of your mobile devices – just open Trends in your browser of choice and the interface will adapt for the screen you're on. It's never been easier or faster to grab your key web metrics.

Designed for the whole team

Unlike other web analytics tools, GoSquared isn't just for the data scientist. Trends is easy to use so the whole team can benefit from the high level web metrics available in GoSquared. From marketing, to the dev team, to the CEO – everyone can make sense of Trends from day one.

Visitors and pageviews over time

Unlike the GoSquared Now dashboard, which shows you how many people are concurrently online in real-time, Trends shows you the number of visitors who have been to your site during a given timeframe – e.g. Yesterday, this week, or last month.

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