People CRM FAQ

What is People CRM?

Your visitors. Your users. Your customers. Every action. Every pageview. Every attribute. All together in one place. Available to query and search instantly. That’s People CRM.

View a video introduction here.

How does pricing work for People CRM?

People CRM is included in our new fixed price plans.

If you started your subscription before 29th September 2017 you will be on our legacy pricing. Our legacy pricing is based on the total number of profiles (contacts) that you have in People CRM. A new profile is created when you use the 'idenitfy' function (typically when a user logs-in/registers for your site) or when a new visitor starts a live chat conversation. If you are tracking more than one website, we total up all the profiles used across of all your sites – read more about how our legacy pricing works.

Anonymous visitors in People CRM

You can use People CRM to see what users did before they signed up. This is hugely powerful for understanding the full journey people make before deciding to sign up for your service. GoSquared stores the sessions of all anonymous visitors for one month. If an anonymous visitor eventually registers for your site/service or starts a live chat, they will be 'identified' and a new People profile will be created for them. All of their previous session history will be merged together into their new profile.

How do I install People CRM?

Follow the install guide here.

For full technical documentation you can view the docs here.

What is a profile?

A profile is basically a contact or lead that you've added or tracked in People CRM. If you are using GoSquared Live Chat then a profile is also created when a new visitor first starts a conversation with you – read a full explanation here.

Can I segment my users (Smart Groups)?

Yes. GoSquared has a feature called Smart Groups that is designed for filtering and segmenting your users. Simply put, a Smart Group is a set of filters that you can save. Because GoSquared tracks data in real-time, your segments also update in real-time as new users match the filter and existing users un-match them – read the full guide.

Can I track custom data, attributes, fields, properties, about my users?

Yes. People CRM allows you to track and store custom 'properties' about your users. You can track different types of properties such as numbers, text (including links), date/timestamps, or booleans (something that is either true or false) – read the full guide.

Can I trial People CRM?

Yes of course! Every new GoSquared account starts with a free trial period. If you're already a GoSquared customer, get in touch to ask about extending your trial. People CRM requires additional setup to get the best use from it – so ensure that you have a way to identify visitors to your site in place already, such as a user log in system.

Do I have to pay more for People CRM?

If you are on a legacy GoSquared subscription (before 29th September 2017), your subscription is based on how many profiles (contacts) you store in the CRM.

If you are on one of our new fixed price plans, People CRM is included in the price of your subscription.

What happens if I hit my profile limit?

Limits only apply to legacy subscriptions (before 29th September 2017). You will be charged overage at the same cost per profile of your legacy plan. Your plan will be auto-upgraded if it is cheaper for you rather than charging overage – read more about overage charges.

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