People CRM User Guide

In this document, we'll run through some of the key terms and concepts in the People app on GoSquared. For a full guided tour, head to People app in your account.

'People' is a powerful tool for understanding your users and their activity on all platforms. It lets you bring all the data you have on each individual user together in one place and makes it instantly searchable. You can quickly filter and search to find users and groups of users in an instant.

PA Search

Use the search bar to instantly search for users or groups of users. GoSquared will search all of the custom properties you've tracked on the user, along with a number of special properties such as name, description, email, organisation details, social profiles, homepage URL.

How can I filter to find a group of people?

PA Filter

Use the add a filter button to filter your users by properties or events they have triggered. You can add multiple filters to keep refining a group of users.

Can I see a count of users?

A count of users in any search query, filter or Smart Group is always visible on the top right. For very large numbers of users, this number will be slightly approximated.

How can I export a list of users?

To export, a group of users as a csv, hit export on the top right. You can export all the properties and events of each user or choose to export only currently visible columns.

How do I set up Notifications/Triggers?

Triggers notify you as soon as users enter or exit your Smart Groups by posting a message to your Slack channel. Triggers can also be used in Zapier or to send a webhook to a custom URL.

Webhooks are currently in Beta.

To set up Triggers, you first add a Service, which tells GoSquared where you want the webhook to be delivered. In the following example, we're setting up a webhook Service, but you can alternatively choose to set up the Slack service:

  1. Navigate to the Services tab in Settings > Current Project > Services.
  2. Select the type of Service you wish to set up.
  3. Follow the instructions for setting up the Service.
  4. Save the new Service. It will be added to the list of Services for use with Triggers.

Next, choose when your Trigger will fire: when the user enters or exits a Smart Group. Choose which Smart Group will be monitored, then choose which Services will receive a webhook when the Trigger fires:

  1. Navigate to the Notifications pane in Site Settings and select "Add a new notification".
  2. Choose what will trigger the notification: whether it's when a user enters the Smart Group, or exits.
  3. Choose which Smart Group to monitor.
  4. Choose which Services will receive the notification
  5. Save the notification by clicking "Add". GoSquared will now send notifications to your Services whenever a user enters or exits the Smart Group, depending on which trigger you selected.

What are devices?

PA Devices

Every distinct device the user has been tracked on show up in their profile. GoSquared clearly displays the platform type (mobile / desktop) along with which browser and operating system is being used. You can get more detailed information by clicking on the device which will reveal details such as version numbers, IP address, location and language settings of the device.


How do events work in People?

Events are any action your user takes on a webpage or in an app. You track events with frontend tracking or via a backend integration. In the People dashboard, you can query events by the first or last times they occurred, or by count.

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