An Introduction to the GoSquared Customer Data Hub

The GoSquared Customer Data Hub will transform the way you connect with your users and customers. Put your customer-level data in one intuitive, beautiful and searchable place, ready for anyone on your team to interact with. Start connecting with your users on a personal level

This feature is most useful for websites that have a user login system.

  • Automatic data enrichment – we automatically search the web for users' social and company data (e.g Linkedin job title, Twitter bio, Facebook photo, company size etc) – learn more
  • Automatic session stitching – see a full history of all your user's on-site activity, across all their devices, even before they signed up – learn more
  • Original referrer tracking – how did each user first find your site.
  • Original campaign tracking – know which campaign drove each user to your site for the first time – learn more
  • Landing page tracking – see the first page that each of your users ever viewed.
  • Fully searchable customer database – search and filter your users any way you want to.
  • Powerful automation – automate email campaigns or any other action based on your user activity.
  • Broadcast Chat messages – send a targeted Live Chat message to a specific group of users to announce a new feature or encourage them to upgrade – learn more
  • Track any event/action – track important actions such as when a user activates a feature for the first time – learn more
  • Live Visitors View –  proactively start a Live Chat with anybody currently browsing your site – learn more



Segment your userbase with Smart Groups

Filter by any combination of events/properties to create groups of common users. Find your most active users or those at risk of churning. Like everything else in GoSquared, watch as these groups change and update in real time.

A few examples of Smart Groups we see SaaS businesses using:

  • Latest Signups
  • Latest Customers
  • High Churn Risk
  • Latest Cancellations

People Analytics with all the user-level properties, events, and data you need

Automate workflows with Smart Group triggers

GoSquared can trigger actions when a user enters or exits a Smart Group.
For example, if a user falls into your 'High Churn Risk' group, automatically:


Get integrated

The more deeply you integrate GoSquared People with your other apps and internal tools, the more value you’ll get. The People app brings all your user-level data together in one place, indexes it, and makes it available instantly through search and easy filtering.

GoSquared Integrations


Search for any user and see their full event history

Searching for users is quick and easy in. Just enter the user’s name, email address or User ID into the search field and we will instantly scan your whole user base for people who match those details.

Here at GoSquared we use People CRM to answer all kinds of questions:

  • How many times did a customer view the pricing page before buying?
  • A user hasn't logged in to our site for a while, are they still reading their emails?
  • Where on the website did they get stuck before sending an email to support?
  • How should I talk to this customer, are they technical user, a marketer, a free user etc?
People Analytics profile view

How do I install the Customer Data Hub?

You'll probably need to add a bit of extra code to your site. 
View our installation guide here.

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