Team Sharing

Team Sharing is a free feature that allows you to invite team members or friends to your GoSquared project. You can share with as many people as you like. If you manage multiple projects, you can selectively share each project with different people.

How to invite a team member

Note: Only the project owner (the person who first setup the project with GoSquared) can add/remove team members.

  1. Use the 'project picker' dropdown at the top of the sidebar to choose which project you want to share.
  2. Then head to the Settings > Current Project > Team Sharing
  3. Click 'Add team member' – then add the email address of the person you want to share with.

They'll be sent an email invitation to join your project on GoSquared. They'll gain full access to the project's dashboards, stats and reports.

You can view an in depth guide here about Team Sharing in the Getting Started section

What permissions does a shared team memeber have?

Read the full guide here.


GoSquared on Display

A really simple way to share your stats is just to put your dashboard up on a big screen display so that you're whole team can see at a glance how the site is preforming.

We have a guide for setting up GoSquared on a big screen here.

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