Adding new Contacts

In GoSquared you can track, add, and import profiles into People CRM. If it's easier you think of profiles as being similar to 'contacts' or 'leads' that you might store in other CRMs.

How can new profiles be added?

  • Automatically track profiles – after installing the 'identify tracking code' or using a People CRM plugin, new profiles will be automatically added when a user logs in or registers on your site. This method has the added benefit that all of their on-site activity will be tracked in People CRM too.

  • Assistant (via live chat) – when you start a conversation with a new visitor, a new anonymous profile is created to track and store their chat history. These leads are considered 'unverified' until our 'identify code' can confirm who they are (eg, when they log in or register for your website).

  • Add a lead button – just click the ✚ button at the top of your People dashboard to manually add a new lead. This won't automatically start tracking their on site activity, but you can start filling in their details and updating any custom properties/information you already have about them. To track their on-site activity you'll need to install the 'identify code' code on your site too.

  • Integrations – if you are using one of our integrations (Zapier, Mailchimp, Drip, Sendgrid etc), then every time we receive an event (eg. Opened email) from a new email address - we will automatically create a new profile with that email address to track the event under.

  • CSV Importer – we have an import tool for helping you import your existing list of contacts and their associated data from a spreadsheet. This tool will create profiles for those users however they will not automatically be kept up to date unless you have also installed our 'identify code' code on your site.

Can I manually add a new profile, lead, contact?

Yes, just click the '✚' button at the top of the People dashboard.

This won't automatically start tracking their on site activity but you can start filling in their details and updating any custom properties to fill out their profile.

Can I merge two profiles together?

Yes. If you suspect you have duplicate profiles, just click the the cog icon at the top of a profile and select Merge. This will allow you to search for a target profile to merge the currently selected one into – learn more.

Can I delete profiles?

Yes, you can delete individual or whole groups of profiles at any time. Read the full guide here.


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