Getting Started with Assistant

Assistant is the live chat button that appears on your site and makes it easy to convert visitors in to customers. Assistant will encourage visitors to leave their email address and try to automatically engage new visitors if you have any Prompts set up.

Chat Prompts – automatically start conversations at the right time

Start a sales conversation automatically when a visitor displays buying behaviour – learn more.

Frictionless conversations

A user only has to click the chat button to start sending messages. No login, no forms, no loading time – just instant conversation. The user can then leave their contact details when they're ready. However you can still force a lead form if you need to – learn more.

Never lose your Live Chat history

A user can start a conversation and then leave your site/app. When they come back in the future, they can pick up the conversation from wherever they left off. Closing the chat window does not end the conversation. Historical messages will always be there next time the user opens chat. There are no tickets, just continuous chat between you and your customer.

Capture lead email addresses

Assistant will capture email addresses and enrich them into full lead profiles for you – learn more.

Customise how Assistant looks on your site

Choose the language that Assistant is displayed in, set a brand colour, manage response times and more – learn more.

Send screenshots and file attachments

Your visitors can drag and drop, copy/paste, or use a file picker to send you screenshots and files – learn more.

Choose which pages your visitors can chat to you from

Disable Assistant on specific pages – learn more.

Supports 18 different languages

Present the Assistant in one of the 18 supported languages, or have it automatically detect the appropriate one for each visitor. Enterprise users can also make use of our Live Translate feature that will automatically translate your conversations for you, in real time.

Embed Live Chat in your mobile iOS application

Use the GoSquared iOS SDK in your iPhone application for a seamless in-app live chat experience – technical documentation.

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