Choosing a GoSquared Plan

This document outlines our pricing plans and options.

Note: If you started your GoSquared subscription before September 29th 2017, you will be on our legacy pricing structure. Learn more about legacy plans.

If you're currently on a legacy plan, and want to access the latest and greatest features of GoSquared, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

14 day free trial

Every new GoSquared account starts with a 14 day free trial. During the trial you'll have access to all GoSquared products and features. At the end of the trial you'll need to upgrade to a premium plan or your account will be moved into a restricted usage holding state.

Which team member needs to upgrade?

After your trial ends, you'll need to upgrade to continue using GoSquared. It's important to remember who first set up the project with GoSquared. In GoSquared, this person is called the project owner. They are responsible for any usage and billing related to that project.

If a friend or colleague invited you to GoSquared by sharing access to their project – then you are not responsible for the usage/billing of that project and upgrading will not have any effect.

Note: If you have upgraded accidentally then just send us a message and we'll help sort this out for you 🙂

What's included on each plan?

After your 14 day trial, you can choose to go on one of a selection of pricing plans to suit your needs.

GoSquared is a subscription service that automatically renews at the end of your billing cycle (either monthly or annually).

View the GoSquared plans and pricing page to see a complete outline of each plan and the features available.


GoSquared for Enterprise

GoSquared for Enterprise is designed for large businesses who need features and service levels beyond our off-the-shelf offering – including dedicated account management, in-person training sessions, integration and compliance assistance, invoice billing, and more.

Learn more about GoSquared for Enterprise – we'd love to hear more about your requirements and see if we can assist!

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