Installing GoSquared

For most users, you'll probably need to copy and paste the GoSquared code snippet onto your site. The code snippet allows you to start tracking Analytics data and use the live chat Assistant on your site. 

Alternative Installation Methods


Install Analytics and the live chat Assistant on your site

Adding the GoSquared code to your site enables the Now and Trends Analytics dashboards and also gives you the option to turn on Assistant (for live chat).

After creating an account, the Setup Guide will walk you through the various installation options:

  1. Click "Install on your Site". You'll be presented with some instructions and a tracking code snippet which is unique for your site.

    Analytics and Chat setup

  2. Paste the code into every page on your site that you wish to track. You'll need to add it just before the closing </head> tag. On most sites, you should be able to add this to your header and it will appear on every page.

  3. If you are uncomfortable about adding the code yourself or are unable to do so, hit the 'Invite someone" button to send the code to your developer or website manager to implement.

  4. After adding the code to your site and saving the changes, check everything still works by visiting your website and refreshing the page. Once happy click the 'Next' button in the setup guide.

    Tracking check screen

  5. Next, you'll see the checking your installation screen. The checker will turn green when we detect that your tracking code is installed correctly. If the check fails, try loading up your website in a new tab and refreshing the page.

  6. The Setup Guide checklist will then guide you through the rest of the GoSquared set-up.

Turn on Assistant (Live Chat)

Chat and Analytics use the same code snippet. This means that after adding the code you now have the option to turn Assistant on. If you turn Chat on, the Assistant button will be displayed in the bottom right corner of your site and visitors will be able to send you messages.

You can turn Assistant on or off at any time from within your Settings > Current Project > Assistant.

Follow the Assistant setup flow here to configure:

  • Your agent name and photo
  • The company name that gets displayed in the chat window
  • Change the colour of the Assistant button
  • Set the welcome text
  • Add a chat Prompt
  • Finally turn it on to add the button to your site.

Should I Install People CRM? 

People CRM enables you to track your 'logged-in' users on an individual level.

If you can say 'Yes' to these three statements then People CRM will be a good fit for you:

  1. My website has a way of identifying users, such as a user login system.
  2. I know how to access the underlying source code of the website.
  3. I am comfortable writing basic javascript and am familiar with terms such as 'function' and 'variables'.

Read the full guide here.


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